Don’t Invite the Weather Into Your Home

Ensure your house is properly sealed with home performance testing

Have you tried to seal off your home from the elements to no avail? Moisture could be seeping into your home through your air ducts, window panes and attic. Don’t let harmful humidity lead to mold growth in your Louisiana home!

Find the cause of your problem by hiring the House Doctor of Acadiana for a home performance test. We’ll track down the source of your heat and humidity before offering solutions, such as spray foam or loose-fill insulation. Call us today at 337-517-5666 to schedule your test.

Stop harmful household mold in its tracks

Stop harmful household mold in its tracks

Is your home riddled with mold, mildew or dust? Don’t just get rid of the mold—stop the conditions that allow it to grow! We’ll use infrared lasers to test your home’s conditions and offer solutions to remediate them. Call us today or fill out the contact form to learn more.